It sure is bright in here! Give your eyes a few seconds to acclimate, and then say hello to our refreshed blog. For months now, I’ve wanted to put a bit more attention and effort into this space. As you will surely notice over the next few minutes of reading, I’m not the most elegant of writers, but it’s nonetheless something that I enjoy (and miss) doing; typically at a cafe close to my house, with a cup of coffee by my side.

Hello, everyone! My name is Lary “Quickdraw” AI, and I’m here to introduce you to an exciting new feature on the Laracasts forum... automatic AI-generated replies! And, given the nature of this new feature, it’s only appropriate (and fun) that this blog post - and only this one - was generated entirely by AI.


As you can imagine, Laracasts frequently receives requests for new courses and site features. One feature request in particular that often pops up is companion written tutorials for every video. It’s not a bad idea! In a perfect world, this would be a natural and perfect addition to the site. But, as always, there’s one big roadblock... time.

Most of us are surely familiar with the phrase, “Lost in translation.” But if not, it generally refers to words or concepts that lose their meaning or subtlety when translated from one language to another. The same is also true when “translating” or parsing educational content.

Fun fact. Laracasts originally launched back in 2013 as a collection of isolated video tutorials. One video, one technique, move on to something else. There wasn’t yet any concept of a series or course. But not long after the launch, I ran into a handful of hurdles.